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Advantages of having own startup

If you happen to be one of those entrepreneurs that are expanding businesses the world over, you must be thinking about opening an office using The truth of the matter is that Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In fact, it is growing so fast, its annual GDP is also contributing positively to the overall growth of the country. The fact is that despite progression and expansion; other states of UAE are still a little behind Dubai when it comes to attracting investors. 

The truth is that the city has enjoyed some perks that other states lacked. The Jebel Ali port is arguably one of the biggest ports in the entire region. That port along fetches billions every year in productivity and millions of tons of cargo is handled each year. The port also plays a crucial role in stabilizing the economy of UAE and is likely to perform better in years to come. 

Let us come back to the free zones. Every free zone is a little different to another.  Part of that has to do with the fact that despite serving the same purpose, every free zone is driven by fundamentally different principles. Part of that has to do with the tax exemption to facilities meant for the investors. Some zones offer business consultants only to ensure that setting up the office becomes easy and fast. Here is more on this so continue reading and stay tuned:

Knowing the Zone

Your ability to do business is not in question, but the possibility is that you have not done business in UAE before. That may be thought of as a drawback but in some cases it is a benefit as well. Wait a minute – how is it that not doing business and lacking any experience of doing business in UAE a benefit? It is so for at least three reasons where each one only helps the entrepreneur to learn new things without having to restart his mind every time. Firstly, your free zone business will offer you incentives, and you were not used to any prior to that. So, are you up for these incentives? Of course you are, as several other entrepreneurs are, and you might not end up having older experiences of operating from Dubai. 

Find about free zone business setup in Dubai and why you might need to invest into one sooner than later.