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Facts About Vaping

Just as everything, vaping has some interesting facts about it and one of many facts is that e-cigarettes and all other types of vaping devices are not risk free. You must have heard many vape fans that this is a kind of cigarette that has very less nicotine in it because it has no tobacco and that is why safe as compared to them. But the facts are totally changed, the truth is that regular cigarettes are safer as compared to vapes, because vapes have chemically infused liquid in it whereas, the regular cigarettes have tobacco in it which is natural but natural doesn’t mean that it cannot be 100 percent safe for your health. You can find the best quality vape juice in Dubai.

Some people say that like regular cigarettes that creates tumors and cancers in body, vape doesn’t. But the fact is that vape does even deadly things to the human body. It dehydrates them and there are some cases reported by different hospitals where vape fans have gotten instant death and that is all because of low stamina. This is a complete false fact that vape doesn’t get addictive because it doesn’t have any kind of nicotine but the fact is nicotine in vape is two times more as compared to regular cigarettes. Even in most e liquids, you can also increase the amount of nicotine in it. The regular cigarettes are refined and they have less nicotine percentage in it. You can find cheap vape juice in UAE.

Some people say that if you are a chain smoker and if you want to leave smoking for good then you should start vaping. But what they don’t understand that instead of leaving it, they are going from level 2 to level 10 instantly. Like we mentioned above, this kind of smoking has double the amount of nicotine in it. So, you will be having more nicotine in your body and a flavored one as well and it is twice harmful for you. Instead of leaving it, you will be fueling your body more with it. There was a time when kids used to start smoking for showing superiority but they used to leave it because of its taste but now there are different and sweet flavors in the vapes and that is why it is getting hard for leaving smoking and they become chain smokers in small age.